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Time Management Tips | Know Where you’re Lagging5 min read

December 26, 2019 4 min read
time management


Time Management Tips | Know Where you’re Lagging5 min read

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Not hap­py with the way your day goes? Want to achieve more? If the answer to these ques­tions is yes, you may want to think about the rea­sons. While you pon­der over the prob­a­ble rea­sons for falling effi­cien­cy, let us high­light some Time Man­age­ment tips.

When your day ends with remov­ing impor­tant tasks from your To-Do list, ade­quate relax­ation, and a cheer­ful state of mind then you can say your day was man­aged well. You can also say that your time man­age­ment for the day was good.

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What does it take to manage your time well? Here are the best time management tips.

A Healthy Routine

The first and fore­most thing to man­age your time well is to have a healthy rou­tine. You need to have a healthy rou­tine in terms of sleep­ing and eat­ing habits, as these two habits define your ener­gy lev­els through­out the day. If you have good rest and eat health­ily, then your body is energetic.

Sense of Direction

For good time man­age­ment, you need to have a sense of direc­tion. It means you need to have a vision of the results in any task you per­form. With­out direc­tion, you can often go off the track and waste a lot of time.

Less Confusion

Con­fu­sion is good but not for too long. It is cru­cial that you do not leave any scope of con­fu­sion while work­ing. Being con­fused can ham­per your pro­duc­tiv­i­ty to a great extent.

Stay Focused

Focus on the things that com­pli­ment your effi­cien­cy. It’s impor­tant to cut off from dis­trac­tions when you’re work­ing or study­ing. No one can man­age time in a good way if distracted.

time management tips


Each of use gets 24 hours in a day. Hence, it is impor­tant to find which task has pri­or­i­ty over oth­ers. More time can be allot­ted to the things that have the high­est pri­or­i­ty. There­fore it is always bet­ter to iden­ti­fy pri­or­i­ty tasks.

Evaluate Your Time

Before apply­ing any of the time man­age­ment tips in your life, it is impor­tant to check your sched­ule. This will help you in com­ing up with a great man­age­ment system.

You will be able to find prob­lem areas. For exam­ple, a task which only needs 30 min­utes, takes you an entire hour. Eval­u­at­ing your time will help you to set goals.

Organize Yourself

Lead­ing life in an orga­nized man­ner saves up a lot of time that leads to greater effi­cien­cy and results. Imple­ment time track­ing in your sched­ule. Set a time lim­it for how much time you spend answer­ing phone calls, emails, or attend­ing meet­ings, etc.

It’s not just about hav­ing your belong­ings and sur­round­ings orga­nized. Hav­ing an orga­nized state of mind is also vital for time management.

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Time-Bound activities

While work­ing or fin­ish­ing up a task, start keep­ing an eye on the watch. Doing time-bound activ­i­ties helps you to avoid unnec­es­sary wastage of time.

Don’t Multitask

Peo­ple who mul­ti­task are often found accom­plish­ing noth­ing. It is bet­ter to take up one thing at a time i.e. fin­ish­ing the task at hand first. This will help you focus all your ener­gy and thoughts in one place.

As a result, you will not waste time on mul­ti­ple things at once. Which, in turn, will improve your effi­cien­cy as well.

Chuck Procrastination

Those who pro­cras­ti­nate always end up hav­ing a big pile of To-dos. The list of To-dos becomes end­less and attrib­ut­es to work pres­sure and anx­i­ety. It is always bet­ter to fin­ish off urgent and impor­tant tasks rather than shift­ing them to the next day.

Healthy Habits

Devel­op healthy habits like exer­cise, med­i­ta­tion and con­sum­ing a healthy diet. Bad habits will only make you less pro­duc­tive. Set­ting time for such healthy habits will help you to have a healthy body and mind. This, in turn, will improve your efficiency.

Do not Brood over Past

If you are upset and stuck with some past fail­ures then you’re def­i­nite­ly wast­ing a great amount of time. Smart­ness is to let to go of the not so good times and derive learn­ing. After all, life is all about learn­ing from the past and plan­ning for the future.

Keep your Company Good

Your com­pa­ny has a great influ­ence on you. There­fore choose your com­pa­ny wise­ly; stay away from time wasters, who do not have major goals in their life. When you are in the com­pa­ny of peo­ple who man­age their time well, your out­look also changes.

Why Time Management is Important?

Reach your goals faster

The biggest advan­tage of man­ag­ing your time bet­ter is that you achieve your goals faster. All young-suc­cess­ful entre­pre­neurs have one com­mon trait – time man­age­ment. They keep a track of time and avoid time wastage.

Increased opportunities

Once you know how to man­age your time, you will see that there are more oppor­tu­ni­ties than you can explore and iden­ti­fy the areas that inter­est you.

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Stress Relief

One of the major rea­sons of stress today is work. If you meet dead­lines and stay focused, there won’t be any work-relat­ed stress. Effec­tive time man­age­ment will get rid of your stress level.

More Time

Nowa­days, each indi­vid­ual com­plains about less time. Less time to pur­sue pas­sions, relax, spend time with fam­i­ly and a lot more. Imag­ine that you have all the time to do what you always want­ed to. Time man­age­ment gives you the perk of increased bandwidth.

Prop­er time man­age­ment helps you pre­pare smart goals as well. Hence, you can fur­ther read on prepar­ing smart goals.

What if you don’t manage your time well?

Low Satisfaction

Work sat­is­fac­tion is one of the biggest traits of hap­py pro­fes­sion­als. If you can’t man­age your time it will lead to low effi­cien­cy which, in turn, will lead to low work satisfaction.

Poor Workflow

Poor time man­age­ment leads to poor work­flow. It sets you off from being effi­cient, which leads to low­er out­put lev­els and adds to work stress.

Losing Control

If you don’t man­age your time well, then it’s obvi­ous that one day you will lose con­trol of peo­ple and sit­u­a­tions around you.

Bad Reputation

Man­ag­ing time in an improp­er man­ner or wast­ing a lot of time affects your rep­u­ta­tion neg­a­tive­ly. Your team­mates or sub­or­di­nates who should get inspired by you will be dis­cour­aged from see­ing your inef­fec­tive time man­age­ment. To sum up, you will set a bad exam­ple for your coun­ter­parts and subordinates.

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