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Top Jobs For Freshers that Promise A Bright Future6 min read

January 29, 2020 4 min read
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Top Jobs For Freshers that Promise A Bright Future6 min read

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The biggest prob­lem most col­lege grad­u­ates face is land­ing a sol­id job offer as fresh­ers. Ear­li­er, most of the young­sters had to set­tle for mediocre jobs even if it was not suit­able for their pro­file. But in recent years, this equa­tion has changed. There is a growth in the demand for niche skills like AI, machine learn­ing, etc. As a result, there is a diverse col­lec­tion of jobs for fresh­ers in the industry.

Young­sters are more enthu­si­as­tic about fol­low­ing their dreams and chas­ing their pas­sion. This shift in the dynam­ics of job hunt­ing has result­ed in fresh­ers receiv­ing heavy salary pack­ages in the jobs they love. This is some­thing that was not pos­si­ble for fresh­ers who were seek­ing jobs five years ago. Major cities in India like New Del­hi, Mum­bai, Ban­ga­lore, etc are rapid­ly com­ing up with new job oppor­tu­ni­ties. The new and improved sys­tem of the cor­po­rate world is def­i­nite­ly more skills-based. As a result, com­pa­nies are will­ing to pay good salaries to those can­di­dates who are pro­fi­cient in these skills.

While find­ing a well pay­ing job is impor­tant, build­ing a bright career is far more valu­able. Dis­cov­er­ing a job that promis­es you a bright and fruit­ful career should be a pri­or­i­ty for all young­sters. How­ev­er, they have to work on devel­op­ing their com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills to cre­ate a good chance for selec­tion dur­ing an interview.

Here is a list of the most promis­ing jobs for fresh­ers in India:

Software and IT

The IT sec­tor offers the most suc­cess­ful and boom­ing careers in India. There is a wide vari­ety of IT jobs for fresh­ers in Del­hi as well as oth­er major cities in India. Jobs in con­sult­ing, soft­ware devel­op­ment, as well as oth­er online mar­ket­ing ser­vices, are amongst the most pop­u­lar options. Land­ing a job in the IT indus­try is great for fresh­ers because they get to work in a fast-paced envi­ron­ment that promis­es immense growth and end­less career opportunities.


Engi­neer­ing is one of the most con­ven­tion­al career choic­es for stu­dents. The major­i­ty of school stu­dents go for pur­su­ing after fin­ish­ing 12th. This is because engi­neer­ing offers a diver­si­ty of job oppor­tu­ni­ties and spe­cial­ties to choose from. Main­ly there are four broad cat­e­gories in engi­neer­ing, i.e. research, & devel­op­ment, pro­duc­tion, main­te­nance, and man­age­ment. As a result, stu­dents get to choose from a large spec­trum of cat­e­gories as per their indi­vid­ual inter­ests. And each of these cat­e­gories opens up var­i­ous doors for career opportunities.

HR and Management

The HR field is one of the most wide­ly in-demand career options. Be it any indus­try, busi­ness or com­pa­ny, an HR pro­fes­sion­al is a require­ment for all. Hard­work­ing indi­vid­u­als can climb to the top of the hier­ar­chy pret­ty quick­ly if they put their efforts in the right direc­tion. HR and man­age­ment is that field where there are thou­sands of job vacan­cies for fresh­ers in Nag­pur each year in a vari­ety of sectors.

Banking and Finance

In the present times, Bank­ing and Finance is one of the most prof­itable sec­tors to work in. Until a few years ago, work­ing in the finance sec­tor meant work­ing either as an accoun­tant or in tax­a­tion. That too there were not many oppor­tu­ni­ties for fresh­ers. How­ev­er, the finance sec­tor has changed swift­ly in the past decade. There has been a boom in jobs for fresh­ers in Mum­bai, the finan­cial cen­ter of India. Fresh­ers can now work as invest­ment bankers, finan­cial plan­ners, finan­cial ana­lysts, and much more.

Medicine and Healthcare

Work­ing in the med­ical field is con­sid­ered to be the most sought-after pro­fes­sion. This field is con­stant­ly evolv­ing with new spe­cial­ties that fresh­ers can choose and work in. Spe­cial­iza­tions like neu­rol­o­gy, car­di­ol­o­gy, gen­er­al med­i­cine, pedi­atrics, etc are some of the most pop­u­lar ones. Med­ical jobs for fresh­ers in Indore include options like den­tists, sur­geons, phar­ma­cists, etc.

Hospitality and Tourism

The hos­pi­tal­i­ty and tourism indus­try has seen new heights in the past decade. This indus­try is extreme­ly broad and diverse. Fresh­ers can work in hotels, trav­el agen­cies, cruise, restau­rants, casi­nos, etc. Many jobs involve deal­ing with cus­tomers face to face. On the con­trary, fresh­ers can also work in account­ing, mar­ket­ing, HR, etc where there is min­i­mal to none face to face inter­ac­tion with cus­tomers. Fresh­ers can usu­al­ly start from land­ing an entry-lev­el posi­tion and climb their way up the cor­po­rate lad­der towards success.

Media and Entertainment

The media and enter­tain­ment indus­try has seen growth in pos­si­ble job oppor­tu­ni­ties in India. Activ­i­ties which were looked at as hob­bies are now con­sid­ered pro­fes­sion­al careers. For exam­ple, pho­tog­ra­phy, radio jock­ey, anchor, Youtu­ber, etc. This is one of the most glam­orous indus­tries to work in. Pro­fes­sion­als get a chance to attend many high pro­file events and even get a chance to meet celebri­ties, sports­men, politi­cians, etc. There is a major­i­ty of high pro­file media jobs for fresh­ers in Mumbai.

Also, look for 2020 top high­est pay­ing jobs in India for a big­ger paycheck.

One of the most high­ly respect­ed pro­fes­sion­als in our soci­ety is of Lawyers. A career in Law and Legal depart­ment is quite thrilling and offers a vari­ety of excit­ing jobs for fresh­ers. This is one of those pro­fes­sions that can nev­er face exhaust­ed job oppor­tu­ni­ties because there are mil­lions of cas­es in India that are added every day to the list and yet to receive jus­tice. More­over, many busi­ness­es hire pri­vate lawyers who help them in escap­ing var­i­ous law­suits and save their brand from get­ting tarnished.

Government Services

By far Gov­ern­ment Ser­vices are con­sid­ered to be the most secure career. This is main­ly because the gov­ern­ment sec­tor has job oppor­tu­ni­ties for every­one. Addi­tion­al­ly, work­ing for the gov­ern­ment not only lands you a good salary pack­age but also gives you the perks of free accom­mo­da­tion, incen­tives, med­ical facil­i­ties, and many oth­er ben­e­fits. As a result, this is one of the most pop­u­lar career options among youngsters.

The busi­ness world is mov­ing at a fast pace and cre­at­ing var­i­ous job oppor­tu­ni­ties in every sec­tor. Choos­ing a job that will lay the foun­da­tion for a suc­cess­ful career is cru­cial. But before mak­ing any such deci­sions it is impor­tant to know all the avail­able options. Don’t push your­self too much by set­ting unre­al­is­tic goals. Hav­ing a real­is­tic plan is an impor­tant part of career growth as well as per­son­al devel­op­ment. Iden­ti­fy­ing these goals might be time-con­sum­ing but in the long run, it will prove to be the best deci­sion you could have made for yourself.

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