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How to Become an Air Hostess: A Complete Guide7 min read

December 9, 2019 5 min read
how to become an air hostess


How to Become an Air Hostess: A Complete Guide7 min read

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Do you often won­der about “How to become an air host­ess”, but don’t know where to start? If you have always dreamt of fly­ing, trav­el­ing across the world and inter­act­ing with dif­fer­ent peo­ple & cul­tures then the air host­ess job is a per­fect fit for you.

The avi­a­tion indus­try is grow­ing by leaps and bounds across the globe, there­fore the future is bright. Today, an air host­ess is more like­ly to be referred to as a flight atten­dant, cab­in crew, flight stew­ardess or cab­in attendant.

Our step-by-step guide on “How to become an air host­ess” cov­ers every­thing you need to know about becom­ing an Air Host­ess in India.

Any 12th passed stu­dents, diplo­ma hold­ers, as well as grad­u­ates, may refer to this guide.

Job Requirements: 

The eli­gi­bil­i­ty cri­te­ria for becom­ing an air host­ess is:

  • Age Lim­it: Min­i­mum age of 18 to 26 years
  • Lan­guage: Mas­tery in spo­ken Eng­lish and anoth­er for­eign language
  • Edu­ca­tion: 10+2 degree or any grad­u­ate degrees like a diplo­ma in hospitality
  • Height: Min­i­mum height require­ment 57.5 cen­time­ters, Weight pro­por­tion­ate to the height
  • Sta­tus: Unmar­ried (Not all air­lines have this condition)
  • Swim­ming: Must be able to swim 25 meters
  • Eye­sight: Good eyesight
  • Pass­port: Valid passport
  • Fit­ness: Should be med­ical­ly fit
  • Com­plex­ion: No scars or blem­ish­es on Face

Note: With this, you should not have any crim­i­nal records. Vis­i­ble tat­toos and pierc­ings are strong­ly dis­cour­aged, and staff is required to wear a uniform.

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Behavioral Skills Required: 

To be suc­cess­ful it is impor­tant to be very good at cus­tomer care and to be high­ly socia­ble as well as good at car­ry­ing out a vari­ety of tasks under time pres­sure. Just usu­al qual­i­fi­ca­tions like edu­ca­tion­al, phys­i­cal or med­ical are not enough for becom­ing an Air Host­ess. You need to have an impres­sive skill set as well.

When recruiters recruit air host­esses they are look­ing for pro­fes­sion­al peo­ple with a pos­i­tive view­point and an empa­thet­ic nature.

This job prefers can­di­dates who have cer­tain skills that reflect their per­son­al­i­ty. For instance,

  • Punc­tu­al­i­ty
  • Team Spir­it
  • Cus­tomer Ser­vice Skills
  • A calm and reas­sur­ing manner
  • Pres­ence of mind and initiative
  • Wel­com­ing manner
  • Well Groomed & Phys­i­cal­ly fit
  • Com­mon sense & a sys­tem­at­ic approach to duty
  • Lan­guage pro­fi­cien­cy and inter­ac­tive skills
  • Diplo­ma­cy and tact
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Patience to work long hours
  • Pos­i­tive atti­tude & Stress Tolerance
  • Adapt­abil­i­ty & Flexibility

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Job Responsibilities:

The air cab­in crew share respon­si­bil­i­ty for the safe­ty and com­fort of their pas­sen­gers. Main­ly, the tasks depend upon whether it is a short or long flight and the size of the team. The role of an air host­ess can be emo­tion­al­ly & phys­i­cal­ly demand­ing. As an air host­ess, you have to react to emer­gen­cies and stress­ful sit­u­a­tions calm­ly and reassuringly.

How­ev­er, duties include:

  • To wel­come the pas­sen­gers with a smile when they board and show­ing them their seats.
  • Giv­ing spe­cial atten­tion to cer­tain pas­sen­gers, such as the elder­ly, dif­fer­ent­ly-abled & the one with the infants.
  • An impor­tant job is to inform the pas­sen­gers about the safe­ty mea­sures and procedures
  • To keep a check that every passenger’s lug­gage is safe and secure at storage.
  • Check­ing the seat belts of all the pas­sen­gers when the air­craft is ready to take-off
  • After the set­tle­ment of the pas­sen­gers; meals & refresh­ments will be served.
  • Pro­vid­ing pas­sen­gers with news­pa­pers, mag­a­zines, and in-flight entertainment
  • Check­ing the con­di­tion and pro­vi­sion of emer­gency equipment.
  • Demon­strat­ing emer­gency equip­ment and safe­ty procedures
  • Pro­vide first aid to pas­sen­gers in case of med­ical emergencies.
  • Sell­ing duty-free com­mer­cial goods and pur­su­ing sales targets
  • Assure com­fort to every pas­sen­ger till the end of the flight.
  • Thank­ing every pas­sen­ger after the land­ing of the flight.
  • At last, pro­duc­ing writ­ten flight reports after com­plet­ing a jour­ney. To give any sug­ges­tion or file a com­plaint about any­thing not on board.


No mat­ter how tempt­ing this pro­fes­sion may sound it calls for an ample amount of hard work. To be an Air Host­ess you have to be the best in hos­pi­tal­i­ty and pub­lic ser­vice, always have a pos­i­tive atti­tude with a smil­ing face no mat­ter how worse sit­u­a­tions are.

Phys­i­cal and men­tal strength is a big ask because you some­times have to give shifts for more than 10–12 hours. To make a career as an air hostess/steward take admis­sions here:


Each Air­line com­pa­ny con­ducts entrance exams for recruit­ing Air Host­esses. It is divid­ed into 3 stages.

1. Written Examination

The first stage is a writ­ten exam test your apti­tude and rea­son­ing. The exam pat­tern is quite sim­i­lar to oth­er com­pet­i­tive exams where they ask mul­ti­ple types of objec­tive questions.

2. Group Dynamics

The sec­ond stage is a group dis­cus­sion where you will be test­ed for your lead­er­ship qual­i­ty, atti­tude, pres­ence of mind, com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills, team­work, etc.

3. Interview

The third and final round is one on one inter­view. Here the com­pa­ny will judge your over­all per­son­al­i­ty. The select­ed can­di­dates will be trained for the next six months by the company.


If you have final­ized your deci­sion to apply for an Air Host­ess job, then you must join for a course depend­ing upon your edu­ca­tion­al qualification.

Find here, three types of cours­es available:

Cer­tifi­cate Cours­es: 10+2 passed stu­dents are eli­gi­ble to pur­sue this course. Usu­al­ly, the dura­tion of the course is 6 months to 1 Year but a few fast track cours­es can be just 3 months long. The train­ing will pro­vide them hands-on expe­ri­ence and the­o­ret­i­cal knowl­edge about the profession.

Here is the list of all the cer­tifi­cate cours­es that are accept­ed for this job:

  • Avi­a­tion Man­age­ment and Hospitality
  • Avi­a­tion Cus­tomer Ser­vice­Cab­in Crew/Flight Attendant
  • Air Host­ess Management
  • Air Host­ess Training
  • Air­lines Hospitality

Diploma Courses: 

Diplo­ma cours­es can also be pur­sued after 10+2. PG Diplo­ma cours­es can be attempt­ed only after grad­u­a­tion. The dura­tion of the course is the same as a cer­tifi­cate course.

These cer­tifi­cates & cours­es are made by indi­vid­ual insti­tutes. The list of diplo­ma cours­es avail­able are:

Diplo­ma in:

  • Air Host­ess Training
  • Cab­in Crew/Flight Atten­dant Training
  • Avi­a­tion and Hos­pi­tal­i­ty Management
  • Hos­pi­tal­i­ty and Trav­el Management

Degree Courses: 

Most Impor­tant cours­es out of all three are Degree course. The dura­tion of the course is 3 years long and you have to be 10+2.

  • B.Sc in Air Host­ess Training
  • Bach­e­lor of Hos­pi­tal­i­ty and Trav­el Management
  • B.Sc in Aviation
  • Bach­e­lor of Trav­el and Tourism Management

Air hostess Training Institute/Academy: 

Choos­ing your career as an air host­ess is quite a promis­ing option. There are so many insti­tutes avail­able but these 5 are the best.

  1. Rai Uni­ver­si­ty, Ahmedabad.
  2. Frank­finn Insti­tute of Air Host­ess, New Del­hi, and Mumbai
  3. Rajiv Gand­hi Memo­r­i­al Col­lege of Aero­nau­tics, Jaipur
  4. Air Host­ess Acad­e­my, Ban­ga­lore, Chandi­garh, Del­hi, Mumbai
  5. Uni­ver­sal Avi­a­tion Acad­e­my, Chennai


After com­plet­ing your course suc­cess­ful­ly you are ready to get hired in the fol­low­ing top air­line companies-

  1. Air India
  2. Sin­ga­pore Airlines
  3. Indi­an Airlines
  4. Alliance Air
  5. Lufthansa
  6. Go Air
  7. Jet Air­ways
  8. Indi­go
  9. Gulf Air

Air Hostess Salary in India: 

With a boom in the avi­a­tion sec­tor, jobs for the Air Hostess/ Flight Attendants/ cab­in crew mem­bers have cer­tain­ly increased. Inter­na­tion­al flights tend to be bet­ter than domes­tic ones. In domes­tic air­lines, the salary of an air host­ess lies some­where between 25,000–40,000 & the senior lev­el host­ess gets paid up to 50,000–70,000.

And inter­na­tion­al flights can pay up to Rs 80,000 depend­ing on your work expe­ri­ence. In fact, some lux­u­ri­ous inter­na­tion­al air­lines pay Rs 100,000 to Rs 200,000 per month to their senior air hostesses.

More­over, com­pa­nies also pro­vide ben­e­fits like med­ical insur­ance, retire­ment plan, addi­tion­al allowances and in house flight dis­counts to the employ­ee (and their fam­i­ly members).

The career of an Air Hostess: 

After about 10 years as an air host­ess, you can move to jobs such as Check Host­ess, train­ing of air host­ess, Ground host­ess or work with the man­age­ment lev­el. If you are approach­ing for pro­mo­tion then reg­u­lar study & skill devel­op­ment is a con­stant thing.

Male Air Hostess:

Men can also become part of the air­crew just like women. This whole arti­cle applies to men in the same way as it applies to women. Most­ly, women choose the career of air host­ess but those men who choose this career are ‘Flight Stewards’.

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