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Graphic Designer Job Description | Salary & Skills4 min read

January 7, 2020 4 min read
graphic designer job description


Graphic Designer Job Description | Salary & Skills4 min read

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Graph­ic Design­ers com­mu­ni­cate the vision of an orga­ni­za­tion through art as it pos­sess­es emo­tion­al appeal. In fact, it leaves an impres­sion on con­sumers mak­ing them cap­tive for the prod­uct. Are you are look­ing for­ward to build­ing your career in the field of graph­ic design? You need to know the require­ments, skills, edu­ca­tion, as well as the scope of this field. This blog post guides you with an ulti­mate graph­ic design­er job description.

“Design cre­ates cul­ture. Cul­ture shapes val­ues. Val­ues deter­mine the future”

Graph­ic design­ers com­bine art and tech­nol­o­gy to com­mu­ni­cate ideas through images and the lay­out of web­sites and print­ed pages. In addi­tion to this, they devel­op the over­all lay­out and pro­duc­tion design for adver­tise­ments, brochures, mag­a­zines, and cor­po­rate reports.

“A pic­ture is worth a thou­sand words”

Graphic Designer Job Description:

graphic designing job description

First­ly as a graph­ic design­er, you need to have prop­er edu­ca­tion and cer­ti­fi­ca­tions. How­ev­er, if you don’t have them, you can work on your own project and make your own port­fo­lio. These port­fo­lios will help you with good opportunities.

Fur­ther­more, you will have to be aware of its scope. In addi­tion to this, you must research in-depth that is it a pro­fes­sion you like from heart. This arti­cle on graph­ic design­er job descrip­tion has all the infor­ma­tion need­ed to be excel as a graph­ic designer.

Qualifications required to be a Graphic Designer:

A career as a graph­ic design­er is a chal­leng­ing one. Hence, you need to be men­tal­ly pre­pared to unleash your cre­ativ­i­ty in your work. More­over, there is more empha­sis on experience.

In fact, the expe­ri­ence may be devel­op­ing your own work as an exam­ple. Fur­ther­more, most of the graph­ic design­ers are typ­i­cal­ly self-taught.

How­ev­er, you need to have the fol­low­ing qual­i­fi­ca­tions as well to have edge over your competition.

  1.  Bach­e­lor’s degree in graph­ic design
  2. Grad­u­ates in an unre­lat­ed field can take train­ing through tech­ni­cal programs.
  3. More­over, they may also take spe­cial­ized cours­es in graph­ic design as well as graph­ic design soft­ware and com­plete intern­ships or do free­lance work.
  4. They need to have an advanced apti­tude for com­put­er-aid­ed design.

Graphic Designer Key Skills

Skill is very impor­tant to face the chal­lenges at work. Some­times, cir­cum­stances require dif­fer­ent skills described below to accom­plish the task smoothly.

  1. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills
  2. Time man­age­ment skills
  3. Team­work & lead­er­ship skills
  4. Tech­ni­cal skills

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is the most impor­tant skill above all. Usu­al­ly, you will be work­ing in a team for your client. Hence, you need to con­vince them about your work. A good com­mu­ni­ca­tor under­stands the require­ment of his/her client.

More­over, you can con­fer advice or sug­ges­tions to your client regard­ing the design. After all, graph­ic design­ers cre­ate visu­al through text and images. This is the main respon­si­bil­i­ty of a graph­ic designer.

Time is a pre­cious com­mod­i­ty in today’s world. In fact, as a graph­ic design­er, you need to com­plete the task with­in a stip­u­lat­ed time. Prop­er time man­age­ment ensures time­ly com­ple­tion of work which gar­ners your suc­cess in your career and trust of your client.

Apart from these skills, team­work, as well as, tech­ni­cal skills help you suc­ceed faster. First­ly, these skills inspire you to grow and estab­lish trust among your­selves. Sec­ond­ly, you learn the art and impor­tance of col­lab­o­ra­tion. Third­ly, you should under­stand the lat­est trend and roles with­in a com­mer­cial environment.

Fur­ther­more, as per tech­ni­cal aspects, it is crit­i­cal to have knowl­edge of both typog­ra­phy and col­or theory.

Employers of Graphic Designers

There is an abun­dant require­ment of graph­ic design­ers at var­i­ous work­places. The fol­low­ing are the typ­i­cal employ­er of graph­ic designers.

  1. Adver­tis­ing agencies
  2. Large print houses
  3. Sig­nage companies
  4. Book, mag­a­zine & news­pa­per publishers
  5. Mul­ti­me­dia companies
  6. Tele­vi­sion and broad­cast­ing companies
  7. Mul­ti­me­dia
  8. Pack­ag­ing industry
  9. In-house graph­ic design ser­vices of major nation­al & inter­na­tion­al orga­ni­za­tions and companies.

Find the list of graph­ic design­er jobs in Chen­nai here.

Responsibilities of Graphic Designers

Graph­ic design­ers are respon­si­ble for the visu­al com­mu­ni­ca­tion of thoughts and vision of the com­pa­nies and orga­ni­za­tions. In fact, a graph­ic design­er job is chal­leng­ing. As a graph­ic design­er, you will have the fol­low­ing responsibilities.

  1. Meet with clients or the art direc­tor to deter­mine the scope of a project
  2. Advise clients on strate­gies for every par­tic­u­lar audience
  3. Devel­op graph­ics for prod­uct illus­tra­tions, logos & websites
  4. Select col­ors, images, text style, and layout
  5. Present the design to clients or the art director
  6. Incor­po­rate changes rec­om­mend­ed by the clients into the final design
  7. Review designs for errors before print­ing or pub­lish­ing them

Salary of Graphic Design Professionals:

The medi­an annu­al salary of a graph­ic design­er is $50,370 in the USA. Busi­ness­es and orga­ni­za­tions are com­pet­ing to acquire as many cus­tomers as pos­si­ble. So art and the abil­i­ty to be cre­ative are the only forms that will help them stand out in the crowd.

In order to gain a greater mar­ket share, they will have to con­nect with the con­sumer. As a result, the need for graph­ic design­ers will boom at work­places. Apart from this, there will be an exten­sive require­ment of free­lancers in this field as well.

Usu­al­ly, $50,370 is the high­est salary. Experts and expe­ri­enced pro­fes­sion­als can earn even more than that. Sim­i­lar­ly, $29,610 is the bot­tom 10% annu­al salary which is for freshers.

To sum up, if you have the utmost pas­sion for art, graph­ic design is the best career to choose from.

Vikash Kumar Jha is a computer science graduate. He is interested in researching, reading, and writing on topics related to career & job search.
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