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Experience Letter Format, Sample & Components5 min read

December 26, 2019 4 min read
experience letter


Experience Letter Format, Sample & Components5 min read

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Be it your intern­ship or a sum­mer job, part-time employ­ment or a full-time career; every­one needs an expe­ri­ence let­ter as proof of the work they have done, where and when. An expe­ri­ence let­ter is not just proof of work done but also a statu­to­ry require­ment for com­pa­nies to give to all employ­ees. The expe­ri­ence let­ter cer­tifi­cate is one that is ben­e­fi­cial not only to the employ­ee, employ­er but also the future employ­ers of the per­son as a ver­i­fi­ca­tion tool. An expe­ri­ence let­ter is also handy when some­one seeks to resolve any con­flicts relat­ed to the employ­ment of the per­son.

So how does one write or check the writ­ing of this doc­u­ment? More often than not it is the HR in any com­pa­ny that issues this doc­u­ment, yet it is impor­tant for each employ­ee to know what to expect in an expe­ri­ence let­ter cer­tifi­cate and for all oth­ers to know what to check in one.

Let’s see then how to write an experience letter:

First, we must see what all needs to be a part of these let­ters that you will write/ receive. The key points of any such let­ter are:


It is impor­tant that all details of the past employ­ee be put up in this expe­ri­ence let­ter. All infor­ma­tion about the employ­ee that is cru­cial must be on this let­ter. This needs to be the first thing ensured by the writer of the let­ter as well as the receiv­er. The employ­ee full name, employ­ee ID, term of ser­vice, role(s), and many oth­er details need to make it into this let­ter.

Company details

This part of the let­ter must con­tain details about the com­pa­ny, its offices, con­tact num­ber, etc. as this would be used by the future employ­ers of this per­son to con­tact the com­pa­ny if need­ed as also for back­ground ver­i­fi­ca­tion. This should include the com­plete name of the com­pa­ny, the com­plete cor­po­rate address, the con­tact num­bers, the per­sons to con­tact and also the details of the per­son issu­ing the expe­ri­ence let­ter cer­tifi­cate.

Letter date

This may seem triv­ial but it is of the utmost impor­tance that the date (date, month, and year) of writ­ing this let­ter is men­tioned on it. This becomes cru­cial in case of any dis­pute on the mat­ter of the past employ­ment of the employ­ee.

Employment information

While this is not a com­pul­so­ry part of an expe­ri­ence let­ter, it may be cru­cial to the employ­ee or future employ­er in order to ascer­tain the work done by the employ­ee in the com­pa­ny. This gen­er­al­ly includes a future well-wish­ing for the employ­ee.

Last working date

Just as it is impor­tant to make a note of the date the let­ter was writ­ten, it is equal­ly impor­tant to state the date (date, month, year) of the last full work­ing day put in by the employ­ee. This allows the valid­i­ty of the employ­ee apply­ing in oth­er com­pa­nies to be ver­i­fied by future employ­ers.


If the employ­ee is leav­ing on their own terms, it is ben­e­fi­cial to the employ­ee, to the future employ­er and to the com­pa­ny to include a note of appre­ci­a­tion for the employ­ee in the reliv­ing let­ter. It needs to be ensured here that the let­ter stays for­mal but this too helps all involved par­ties.

Last drawn salary

The let­ter must men­tion the last drawn salary by the employ­er in the com­pa­ny. This must be in terms of the Cost to Com­pa­ny (CTC).

Details of the writer

It is cru­cial in an expe­ri­ence let­ter cer­tifi­cate that the name, sig­na­ture, des­ig­na­tion and con­tact details of the per­son writ­ing the let­ter are includ­ed. This helps not only in prov­ing the authen­tic­i­ty of the let­ter but in also estab­lish­ing con­tact in case of query or dis­pute.

Now that we the com­po­nents of this let­ter, let us see the expe­ri­ence let­ter for­mat. It is very sim­i­lar to any oth­er for­mal let­ter writ­ten but does have unique aspects too. Here is the expe­ri­ence let­ter word for­mat.

Expe­ri­ence let­ter

Employ­ee name

Employ­ee address

Con­tact num­ber




Salu­ta­tion (Dear so and so)

«                Expe­ri­ence let­ter cer­tifi­cate details on employ­ee name, des­ig­na­tion and date of employ­ment (join­ing and leav­ing) along with last drawn salary

« Detailed expla­na­tion of career graph and roles and respon­si­bil­i­ties since join­ing till the last date

« Appre­ci­a­tion for work and future best wish­es




Des­ig­na­tion, Depart­ment

Com­pa­ny name and loca­tion

With this for­mat in mind let us now have a look at the expe­ri­ence let­ter sam­ple. Fur­ther­more, you must know how to write a pro­fes­sion­al email as well.

Also, read about how to write a cov­er let­ter.

Experience letter sample


House num­ber 1234, Lane ABC,

Near Mess hos­pi­tal, City Y, Pin code 233456

Con­tact num­ber 9999777765

Email ID [email protected]

Sub­ject: Expe­ri­ence let­ter

Dear Con­cerned,

This is to cer­ti­fy that Mr. ABC worked last as Senior Team Lead at our com­pa­ny XYX from Feb 1, 2015 to Dec 21, 2019. He last drew a salary of 20 Lakhs per annum as cost to the com­pa­ny work­ing with us.

He joined the com­pa­ny as a senior asso­ciate in the HR func­tion per­form­ing the role of admin­is­tra­tive assis­tant to the senior team. Over time he has risen to become Senior Team Lead work­ing on hir­ing and employ­ee rela­tions for all offices locat­ed in the North East­ern part of the coun­try. In his last role, he has trav­eled across the regions exten­sive­ly look­ing after all employ­ee and work­er rela­tions along with hir­ing work­ing in tan­dem with the legal, hir­ing, and indus­tri­al rela­tions teams at all loca­tions.

We would like to thank him for his years of ser­vice with our com­pa­ny till date and would like to wish him the best of luck in his future endeav­ors.



Full Name


Com­pa­ny name

Con­tact num­ber

It is in light of this that an expe­ri­ence let­ter cer­tifi­cate is issued and seen for all involved, be it employ­er, employ­ee or future employ­ers. An expe­ri­ence let­ter must be a doc­u­ment well filed and saved by the com­pa­ny, the employ­ee and all future hir­ers to be able to swift sort all dis­putes if they were to occur.

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