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Complaint Letter Format & Samples | Easy to Follow Guide5 min read

December 10, 2019 4 min read
complaint letter format


Complaint Letter Format & Samples | Easy to Follow Guide5 min read

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Each office has a dif­fer­ent work envi­ron­ment — be it the sur­round­ings, the poli­cies or the peo­ple. That being said, it is pos­si­ble to meet the same kind of prob­lem­at­ic peo­ple no mat­ter where you go. How­ev­er, there is a way to make things work. Every HR depart­ment has a pro­ce­dure to file a com­plaint let­ter. The process is fair­ly straight­for­ward but there is only one prob­lem — you don’t know how to go about writ­ing a com­plaint let­ter for­mat.

So here is a guide to help you write a pro­fes­sion­al com­plaint letter:

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How to Write a Complaint Letter:

First of all, keep in mind that not all com­plaint let­ters are about co-work­ers. In cus­tomer ser­vice, let­ters of com­plaint are received fre­quent­ly from clients and cus­tomers. It could be about the qual­i­ty of prod­uct or ser­vice, late deliv­ery, poor ser­vice, etc.

We must see what all needs to assured­ly be there in that com­plaint let­ter. The major aspects of any com­plaint let­ter are:

·        Receiver

The let­ter must always be addressed to a spe­cif­ic per­son there­fore take the effort to find out who it is that the let­ters are addressed to. Even more, know not only the post of the per­son you are writ­ing to but the name as well. Address­ing the per­son allows it to not be ignored or be read by the wrong person.

·        Clarity

The let­ter you write must be clear, con­cise and not be ambigu­ous in any man­ner or fash­ion because it allows the com­plaint not only to be tak­en seri­ous­ly but also to be under­stood and act­ed upon in the man­ner intended.

·        Expectations

A com­plaint let­ter must clear­ly lay out what you wish to be addressed and what actions you want to be tak­en. Whether or not they are and whether or not a dif­fer­ent solu­tion is found is not up to you but you must list your expec­ta­tions clearly.

·        Objectivity

Do not write an angry, threat­en­ing or sar­cas­tic let­ter as it puts the per­son read­ing it in a defen­sive state even though they are not at fault. This also shows that your com­plaint may be blind­ed by extreme emo­tions. Write your let­ter objec­tive­ly to allow the per­son it is addressed to, to help you.

·        Proof

Your com­plaint must be backed with rel­e­vant evi­dence. It is thus impor­tant that you attach the doc­u­men­ta­tion, receipts, and oth­er proof with your com­plaint let­ter. This makes it eas­i­er for inves­ti­gat­ing per­sons to col­lab­o­rate with your claims and makes the process short­er for all involved.

·        Names

The com­plaint let­ter must name not only you along with your con­tact infor­ma­tion but also name any rel­e­vant accounts involved, any wit­ness­es and the respond­ing par­ties. A com­plaint let­ter made anony­mous­ly or against unknown or unver­i­fi­able accounts/ peo­ple tends to be extreme­ly dif­fi­cult to prove and thus act on.

·        Mailing

Always send your com­plaint let­ter through the offi­cial chan­nel of a cer­ti­fied mail and ensure that you take a return receipt. This allows you to prove that your let­ter was received and by whom.

Now that we know what all comes in a com­plaint let­ter, let us see the for­mat of a com­plaint let­ter. It is very sim­i­lar to any oth­er for­mal let­ter writ­ten but does have unique aspects too.

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Complaint Letter Format:

Employer’s name

Employer’s address includ­ing city, zip, state

Date in a stan­dard format

Addressee name

Com­pa­ny name

Com­pa­ny address includ­ing city, zip, state


Salu­ta­tion (Dear Name)

In the first para­graph, list your details as well as the details of the per­son the com­plaint is about.

Fol­lowed by the sec­ond para­graph, that lists the rea­son for esca­la­tion and trust in the per­son to take action.

Final­ly, in the third para­graph, add con­tact details and details of all doc­u­men­ta­tion attached

Sig­na­ture and salutation

Here’s Sample of a Complaint Letter:

[Your Name]

Team leader, XYZ team

FES Com­pa­ny,

[Com­pa­ny Address]


Subject: Complaint against a supervisor

Dear WXYZ,

I, [your name], Team leader at plant FDS is writ­ing this let­ter to apprise you of the sit­u­a­tion that has been on-going for the past 3 months with respect to the abuse my team and I have been sub­ject­ed to by the super­vi­sor Mr. PKH. 

As the super­vi­sor to the whole team and being in a posi­tion of author­i­ty he has been mis­us­ing his posi­tion to make work dif­fi­cult for my team and I. Any effort to under­stand the same with him or dis­cuss it ver­bal­ly or on email is met with abuse and angry state­ments fol­lowed by threats.

Hav­ing tried repeat­ed­ly to address the same with him, and with the lat­est abuse lead­ing to a team­mate of mine putting in his papers, I felt it was need­ed that the same be esca­lat­ed to your lev­el in order for this to be dealt with. 

Fur­ther­more, con­tin­ued behav­ior as thus from him is like­ly to result in even more res­ig­na­tions and a drop in the pro­duc­tiv­i­ty of this team. My team and I trust that this mat­ter can be solved by you for the best of all con­cerned par­ties and the company.

You can also con­tact me at [con­tact num­ber] for any fur­ther inputs on the same or clar­i­fi­ca­tions. Also please find attached with this let­ter the emails from Mr. PKH which proves his abu­sive as well as abra­sive lan­guage. Also attached are the writ­ten and signed tes­ti­mo­ni­als of all my team mem­bers of the ver­bal abuse suf­fered by them along with the date and occa­sion of the same.

Respect­ful­ly yours,

Final­ly, we hope you can resolve your prob­lems with­out the need for a com­plaint let­ter for­mat and an insti­ga­tion if it does come to that, remem­ber to fol­low up on the let­ter. Under­stand that the author­i­ties are neu­tral third par­ties and thus will not believe your word with­out an inves­ti­ga­tion so do not wor­ry if one is being held.

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